Sunday, September 27, 2009

One A Day

Some things just shouldn't be done more than once a day.

* Like running three times in one day.

To prep for the Rangar in FREAKIN 2 WEEKS! We ran THREE 5K's yesterday.

My muscles hate me today and so does the blister on the end of my toe.

* Also, swimming practice twice in one day shouldn't be done.

Swimming at 5:30 am and again in the afternoon is insanity! My toes are frozen solid from getting soaked in the morning and my face is sunburnt from the afternoon. What the heck!?

However, the following things are GREAT if you do them more than once a day:

1. Sleeping
2. Drinking Diet Coke
3. Eating HoHo's
4. Reading
5. Laughing


Unknown said...

Hohos sound good right about now. Just a few weeks, even the Ragnar will be over...2-a-days are done and you can drink Diet coke all week, many times.

Miss Mel said...

Yeah--that list is all that should be done more than once a day! ;)