Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Swimming Lessons

Emma's in swimming lessons this summer.

I sit by the pool snapping photos or reading a book while she plays in the water.

Except for this week . .. .

She's gone up a level and swims in the deeper water.

I can't bear to watch.

Or take photos.

I go to the furtherest corner of the pool and bury my nose in my book.

Trying to forget that she's swimming

In water too deep.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Learning HDR

I've been playing around with photomatix and HDR photography today.

I've not gotten great results since I've got wind blown foliage in all of them, which gives a weird ghostie effect.

Otherwise, I think it's pretty cool. You should see the HDR that Greg and Jacquie have done . . AMAZING!

P.S. On the photos in the previous post these are my camera settings:
Silhouetted: ISO: 100 Exposure: 1/1600 sec Aperture: 5.6 Focal Length: 194mm
(this shutter speed definitely makes it too grainy)
Non Silhouetted: ISO: 100 Exposure: 1/160 sec Aperture: 5.6 Focal Length: 194mm

Monday, June 22, 2009

Photo Homework

A study in Backlighting:

Not sure if I did these right, but they seem cool.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Don't Rain on My Parade

Very rainy parade days for Strawberry Days this year.

But I'm counting the children's parade as a SUCCESS!

I'd claim myself to be the winning entry --

But they didn't give out awards this year.

Too bad, cuz we were ADORABLE!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Photo Homework

A little look at this week's Photography Homework

(This last one is taken at 5 Guys Burgers -- Jeff is totally digging this restaurant lately. Meanwhile, I'm loving Zupas!)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Team Kim

Saturday was the much-anticipated, glad-it's-over, TRIATHLON!

This time last year Kim Shaw and I were moved and motivated by the women who came in last at the triathlon.

We set a goal to be participants at this year's triathlon.

Kim didn't make it.

But Team Kim lived on!

And in her honor, several friends participated.

(Alex, Mom and Ethan on Team 1)

(Me, Melanie and Cherlynn on Team #2 -- Mom in photo with us)

Todd Davis also ran the race on his own. I hear he kicked BUTT! I made it to the finish line 3 hours after he did, so I'm sure he kicked BUTT!

Regardless, I found myself at the back of the pack in the race and in the most fortuitous circumstances walked with my mom and met a new friend.

Also, had the chance to award a prize to the Longest Race winner -- the person who finished last. It was a really emotional experience to hand her the prize and know that she's someone Kim would've been rooting for.

Kim, I miss ya!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Photo Fessions


is my new weekly feature where I will CONFESS something that I did from the previous week.

The catch is that I will do it in photo and word form. . . .

Don't ask, just look.

Here's my confession for this week:

Yeah, so I lasted a whole 3 days. That's like a freakin' record or something.

I know you have something you need to confess too . . . so try out my new Mr. Linky and post your Photo Fession on your blog and then link back to it here.

It's new, so I'm sure there'll be kinks and maybe no participants . . . but what the heck!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Blog Sharing

I stumbled across this little gem of a blog recently, hope you enjoy it!



2008 Ad Campaign Winner, Crest, put out these funny commercials:

I've totally bought into the Say Anything With a Smile idea. I'm practicing my smile for the next swim team parent who calls me down to the pool only to leave before I get there.

What will you use your smile for?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

How It's Going

How long are headaches supposed to last?

Having dental work done on the day you go caffeine free is probably not smart.

How much chocolate do I need to eat to equal 1 Diet Coke?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Big News

I promised an announcement on Monday and here it is!

As of 5pm last night I am Diet Coke Free!

(Yeah, it's been less than 24 hours)

I'm planning to go clear until the first Saturday in


That same Saturday I'll be running my 2nd

Half Marathon in Spanish Fork!

Come join me ~

I'll be the chubby girl at the end running like there's a cold Diet Coke at the end.

Here's me and my last encounter with a Diet Coke for the summer:

Saturday, June 6, 2009


Oh . . .

Someone got a new SLR camera!

And she's taking photography classes!

And you have to look at her homework photos ~

Every week!


This week's lesson is about aperture:

(So, I got a new camera and took photos of a garbage can at the pool -- Jeff's got to be so proud)

Check back on Monday for some BIG news

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


This is a picture of me . . . juggling my life


This is a picture of my life


When the juggling got to be too much

They say that Juggling is all about


I lost all of that this week and ended up with a mess.

Why is it that some people make juggling look so easy?

Why do I even try to juggle so much?

Can I still try to be a juggler if I occasionally drop the balls?


Perhaps I just need to remind myself that Juggling comes from an old English word which means to JOKE or to JEST.

That makes me feel better because my attempts this week of managing my life have been quite laughable.


How's juggling your life going?

Monday, June 1, 2009

Things to do Before Summer Ends

I got a cool list in my email a few weeks citing 21 different things to do before Summer ends.

I seriously considered doing all 21 of the things, as well as adding some of my own.

But the first day of summer has already KICKED my BUTT ~

I'm wondering if instead of 21 things to do I should just choose one . . . .


On the off chance that tomorrow is a better day here's the list of 21 things -

1. Take a Hike
2. Read a Biography
3. Make Real Lemonade
4. Host a Neighborhood Block Party
5. Go on a Field Trip
6. Sleep Outside
7. Go to a "Dive-In" Movie (movie at the Pool!)
8. Take A Dip (go swimming)
9. Have a Yard Sale
10. Eat Homemade Ice Cream at Sunset
11. Attend a Concert in the Park
12. Go Horseback Riding
13. Visit an Amusement Park
14. Attend a Festival
15. Shop at a Farmer's Market
16. Pick Fresh Fruit
17. Clean Up a Park
18. Build a Fort
19. Attend a State or County Fair
20. Go Stargazing
21. Complete a Triathlon

I'll keep you posted on how I do - and feel free to let me know when you do one of these things too!