Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Craftiness meets Running-ness

With Melanie's help I created this little gem that I LOVE!

It's so fun to flip through my race bibs and see what I've been able to do over the past two years.

Monday, December 5, 2011


Watching the news tonight I am forced to recall a book I read earlier this year.  It's called Escape.

It's the story of Carolyn Jessop and how she escaped from the polygamist organization in Hilldale, UT.

I really would suggest that you read this, it makes the news reports even more meaningful and scary!

Carolyn does a great job in the book of pointing out what it was really like, but still shielding you from some of the more 'private' moments that she had.  

Really makes me want to go on a crusade to awake and enlighten the people there -- I know that sounds like I know what the right thing is.  But I guess that's exactly what I am saying.  I think there is value in human life, in the life of women and children. I believe that there is not suppose to be oppression in religion's name.

How do you convince a fanatic that they are a fanatic?  I still want to try though -  

The news tonight really, really bugs me.

Sunday, December 4, 2011


I can not stop thinking about the series of books I just finished.  I find stupid ways to think about my daily life in reference to the books.  

I contemplated their meanings and thoughts all through stake conference today.

I even devoted my whole evening to finishing the books while at Jeff's company Christmas party. It's really hard to focus on blackjack when desperately wanting to pull out my book and read.

Oh, Mistborn,  I love you.  Brandon Sanderson, you're a genius!!

P.S.  Thank you to the Sumsion's and Dillon's who suggested this book to me!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Family Photo

My Mother-in-law wants family photos from each of her 6 kids, as her Christmas gift this year.

So, I've snapped photos for two of Jeff's siblings.

My own family's photos . . . still undone.

** a bit unhappy that I struggle to get people all in focus, clearly and sharply.  Any suggestions? **