Friday, June 24, 2011


I admit it!  

I was avaricious this week.

Jeff took the boat to Lake Powell and I had HIGH hopes that someone would buy it.

Which would fulfill my need to get MONEY!

I've had boats sitting around this place for so long, 

And money flowing from our pockets, 

And limited space along the side of our house!

So I was completely avaricious to think of putting an end to the outflow of money!

But after looking at these photos I really just want to go boating . . . . 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Word 3

Dumb random word generator!!

Here's my word:   Avaricious

Thank goodness for dictionaries!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I've recently discovered a crisis here in my town.

It's a crisis of significant size in my life, and others.


What this means to you and me, is that there are NO donuts at Harts, or any other gas station.

This is devastating!

I took my concerns to a PANEL of experts to discuss this.  The panel consisted of Josh, Ethan and Emma -- people deeply affected by this.

Moderator:  What will we do without any chocolate donuts!!

Emma:  Get one later when they get them.

Josh:  *shrug*

Ethan:  Huh?

Moderator:  How does this donut shortage affect you?

Ethan:  It won't.  You never bought me one anyway.

Josh:  I can't have a quick breakfast anymore.  I'll have to make me something else.  And by "Me", I mean "You".

Emma:  I'll just get one later when they get them.

Moderator:  What should the President do about this donut problem?

Josh:  Maybe he could sue someone?

Moderator:  Do you really think the President will sue someone?

Ethan:  The President should bring us a donut

Emma:  We can just get one later when they get them

Moderator:  I don't think you're taking this panel discussion seriously!  I had to buy powdered Hostess donuts this morning - without the jelly centers!  Go eat your lunch somewhere else - 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Word 2

And the random generator has provided the word:


Check back in 3 days-ish for a post. . . . . .

Monday, June 13, 2011


In honor of Relief Society:

Frankly this word has seriously stumped me this week.  Having it come up as the word of the day seemed deceptively easy.

E is for Ewwww!
Ethan was deceptive about what his underclothing was today.  He chose to wear his swim jammer all day today instead of underwear.  Seriously, Ewww!

C is for CANDY
I've been eating a bazillion Giant SweeTarts this week.  They make me all sweaty when I eat them.  The Tart part is deceptively stronger than the Sweet part, which you'd expect in candy.  But man I LOVE the purple ones!

E is for ENGRY (or angry)
This past week I was accused of being a deceptive person.  The accuser let my son know she was upset with me and asked him to convey the message.   I admit this made me angry.   Ah, the joys of volunteering your time to help people!

P is for PEOPLE
I'm specifically speaking of people who sneak into random wards and share their LONG testimonies in a deceptively 'religious' husky voice.  I'm on to you!  I actually can tell when you are speaking from your heart vs your psycho mind!

T is for TIME
Thinking that you will eventually have Time to do anything you want and actually finish your To-Do list is deceptive!!

I is for  ICE CREAM.  

Those little Ben N' Jerry's that cost $1 at Walmart and come with the little spoon have 240 calories.  That's completely deceptive -- small container should be small calories! 

One of my Vincent boys thought I was being deceptive when I told him NOT to put his suit in the washing machine.  Luckily he only washed the pants (because he had put a cookie in his pocket).  I'm now wondering what I do about that. . . .  other than yell at the Vincent boy (Josh).

My good entertainment for the week was reading Brandon Mull's Beyonders.  I really do enjoy Brandon Mull's writing.  He is very talented and the style of book is great for me.  I really hate having to wait for sequels though.  And there was a really great quote in the book about Deception.  But it was deceptively hard to find, even though I thought I'd remember the page number I saw it on.  

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


To spur my blogging to a more normal routine I've found a Random Word Generator,

And every three days I'm going to generate a word,

Mull it over,

And then form a blog about the word.

The blog entry will most likely have something to do with my life AND the word.

This is going to be some good summer fun!

And the word I'm mulling over is: