Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Feeling Peevish

A few things have been on my mind and making me feel a bit peevish.

Here they are, in no particular order:

1.  The other day I drove Jr. High Carpool.  18 feet from the crosswalk a young girl stepped in front of my car to cross the street.  I nearly hit her -- right in front of her mom who had not taught her to cross in the crosswalk. 

** Note, the same girl crossed again in front of another car to get to the correct side of the street.  That's TWO jay walking instances in less than 3 minutes for this gal! **

2.  I HATE picking paint for my house.  If you come during daylight hours you'll love my brown paint and the cool purple accent wall.  If you come at night you'll hate the red paint and the dumb black accent wall.  Why does the light have to make my paint choices so crazy!?

3.  I'm still stewing over the feeling I had when we refinanced the house and I was asked if I had a job, that generated income.  I feel undervalued and like a leech when finance stuff like this comes up.   * Yes, I just sit at home doing jobs that aren't valued enough to be paid for and I ride on my husband's coat tails. *  Bite me!

4.   All this peevish-ness is probably directly related to the fact that my sweet husband brought home 4 liters of Diet Coke the other day -- CAFFEINE FREE Diet Coke.  Someone get me to Harts!

(Instead I'm now headed to the dentist -- talk about peeved!)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Favorite Form of Torture

Josh came home from school yesterday and DID NOT do what he was suppose to.

He went and played StarCraft 2 instead of homework.

I imposed one of my favorite punishments. . . .

Essay Writing!

Here's what he came up with in the 20 minutes I gave him

(He only had 20 minutes because he had to do homework, chores and moan that he was grounded from the computer).

Dear Mom

I am so very sorry for making the poor decision of playing Starcraft Two instead of doing my jobs like making my bed, doing laundry or cleaning my bathroom. I also could have been doing my Pre-Calculus Homework for Math class or reading a Chapter for Computer Programming. I could have even been studying my Spanish notes so that I would do better in class or started to sell those amazingly delicious, overprice, creamy ice-cream filled cakes from Cold Stone ® and using that wonderful form that you spent much time working on that nobody noticed how much time you actually spent doing. I would like to take this time to tell you how much I appreciate the work that you do for the Swim Team and I. I am sorry for not doing all these crucial things in my life and now know that I made a really bad decision In playing my computer game instead.

Mom, I love you so much and would like to tell you that I love you and appreciate that you remind me to do my homework and jobs before playing my freaking awesome computer games. I know that sometimes I do not like it but in the long run it can help me a ton to know to do the more important things first in life.

Mom, you have taught me many great lessons in life and I would like to thank you at this time. I am kind of grateful for the lectures and lessons which you have brought into this home and learn from these things which you teach me and the rest of this family. I have learned not to hop in to a jeep with some other guys to do donuts. I am sorry for getting in Brayden’s car and getting donuts at Macey’s. There are too many other lessons that have learned so much from that I cannot name another plus I am almost to the bottom of the page.

Mom, I love you. I would like to mow the lawn, do all of my homework, sell some cakes, and let you pop some of my zits. From, Josh.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Reflections on Sunday

I think it'd be good to Reflect upon my Sunday each Monday morning.

It'll be my personal challenge to try and remember what I learned (ha ha).

Here's my thoughts from yesterday:

#1  WHY?  WHY! Did it have to be my daughter's underwear that showed during the Primary Program?  You know at least one kid will lift their dress over their head and show their underwear . . . but why Emma?  (Okay, it wasn't over her head, but apparently I need to teach her about crossing her legs)

#2  Who Knew!!  There's treats in Relief Society.  I've gone several times now, and I keep getting something to eat in there.  It's freakin' magical!  I've had chocolate twice and yesterday I had cookies.  The church is definitely true!

#3  I'm not having more children.  Okay, this is not really news, but I sat next to a mom in Relief Society who had to entertain her baby the whole time.  I was exhausted just watching her!  I watched her get spit up crackers in her hand, I watched her get pushed by a sleepy little baby, I watched her picking up toys, diapers, treats.  For the love!  I'm so over that.

(I'm so over it that I held the baby, made faces at her, and kissed her hand - repeatedly)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall into TV

My calendar is usually chock-full of MUST Watch TV at this time of year.

But I've cut back to only 3 this time around.

And they are:

Biggest Loser


Amazing Race

Sadly, out of all the available time slots, they had to put Biggest Loser and Glee on at the same time!  Why, Why does no one consult me anymore?  Did someone miss the memo that I am the center of the universe?

Regardless, I'm looking forward to Melanie making THIS delicious cake for dessert while I watch Amazing Race tonight.

And you can see why I love Glee! so much by watching this great Sue Sylvester commercial.  Heaven help me!  I think Sue is hysterical.  And I am NOT endorsing this particular tv show to everyone --

Thursday, September 23, 2010


So, after letting the appraiser come and wander around my home yesterday I thought I better take a closer look at what he was seeing.

Here's my appraisal of what's going on around here:

1.  Scratch the WELCOME mat and just put out the POISON.

Nothing says "Welcome to the Vincent's" like a little Roundup.  Yes, it's still sitting on my front porch now.  I think it sends a nice bold statement.  I figure this added more of a 'feeling' to the appraisal than an actual dollar amount.  Although, Roundup is freakin' expensive.

2.  Loads of Love? or Pile of Pain?

The value of a master bedroom is in the size, don't ya think?  I really wanted the appraiser to see how large this room is.  The master bedroom is large enough to contain the fundamental bedroom pieces as well as an ironing board with a fat ton of laundry.  I think it also adds and element of 'warmth' to see the clothes piled like that.  Certainly should add to the value of this home!

3.  Lunch Chic

The appraiser came at lunch -- he was able to witness the orderliness of our home and how we like to label our food.  Either that or he thinks we own a cow named Josh.  Or that we have a sick sense of humor.  Bet he didn't guess that we were trying to chug that milk down for lunch so Josh could have a water bottle at swim team.  I DO own real water bottles!  Josh is just going through a weird phase. Regardless, the individualized milk jugs must add to the value of this home!

4.  Personal Pool

Just had to point out to the appraiser that we have our own personal pool.  Figured if he just saw all that swim gear he'd know that we have a pool here.  And you know that a pool is worth a MINT. 

*mental note: check the boys tub more often*

Well, that's about all I could bare for running around and checking up on what the appraiser saw.  I've kindly left out the photo of my artistic deck.  You know, the one with the funky, fun angles. . . Makes you think that it's tipping over, but really it's an expensive work of art that's "attached" to the house.  That's gotta make this house with something!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


(Provo Canyon 09/19/2010)

Clearly I have slid into a slump in my life.

I don't know why,

but occasionally it happens.

I think I'm headed up though.

Had an appraiser come to my house today,

It wasn't that interesting,

Other than I think tomorrow I'll share MY appraisal of the house.

It's gonna be good . . . .

Wednesday, September 1, 2010