Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shed A Tear

Which one of these three things made me cry so far this week?

1.  Nasty gram letter from a fellow ward member calling me to repentance

2.  Jeff being laid off

3.  Finding a whisker on my chin

YUP,  it was the whisker on my chin that pushed me to shed a tear, or two!

You know how emotional facial hair can be. . . . .

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Girl Effect

I'm on the hunt for something BIG to define myself with

As I think about turning 40 next year.

I have been tossing around a trip building houses in Mexico,

A trip to Uganda to teach women skills and help children in orphanages

And I'm inspired by being involved with the Girl Effect.

I'm a firm believer in the idea behind the Girl Effect!

I think it would be cool to find a way to help ~

Saturday, March 27, 2010


Following the race we took a little drive out to Dead Horse Point and took some photos.

The kids did some hiking,

Melanie jumped on rocks,

I limped around a little.

The next day we went to Arches National Park and did some more hiking.

Nothing too serious, since it was FREEZING cold.

It was fun, and when I combined the photo taking with some Photoshop tutorials, here's what I ended up with:

All in all it was a pretty darn good weekend!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Two Halves Make A Whole?

Alright, so I've taken a week off from my life.

I think I deserve it after running another half-marathon.

I guess I deserve the blogging break, the box of Ho-Ho's, the chips, the day of reading in bed, the week without making dinner, etc etc.

But I'm ready now to let you know how the run went!

You can't hardly tell, but that's me and Melanie finishing with a clock time of 2:57.  Our chip time was 2:52, which is under the 3 hours and 15 minutes it took me last year.  So YAY!

It's also a faster time than the skinnier lady in black, who is finishing BEHIND us.  So YAY!

You may be asking yourself if this race was difficult for me ---

When you get sweaty boob marks on your shirt . . . it's a hard race! 

That can't possibly be more unattractive and that's so 'misleading' as to how low my boobs really hang!

But at the end of the race this year I felt pretty darn good!

 (So good we choose to have a photo-op with the potties and the trash, recycle and compost pile, as opposed to the nice Moab Half Marathon backdrop provided)

I had a lot more strength this year than I did last year.  Also, it was motivational to run with Melanie, as she is younger and more fit than I am.  It was challenging to keep up with her, and I probably owe her my faster time!

I also owe a HUGE thanks and love to my family. They are awesome to support me and be excited for me.  Jeff is a ROCK and completely indulgent when it comes to supporting me ~ I couldn't do it without him!

Watch tomorrow for a post of what we did AFTER the race.  (It wasn't napping).

Friday, March 19, 2010

Which is Worse

If you had to pick one of these activities,

Which one would you think is worse?

  • Running 13.1 miles
  • Having your annual EXAM
Hmmmm . . . . .hard choice eh?

Well, like a TOTAL dork I planned both of those things for the next 24 hours.

I tried to make a list this morning of who I would be thinking of,

While I did both of these things.

But writing down someone's name to think about

While the doctor peruses my netherlands

Didn't seem right.

And I just couldn't move on to suggesting people who inspire me for during the race.

Let's just hope I make it through both things this weekend

Without any incidence.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Just got word the other day that the Junior High is getting a new principal.

I was assured that the 'new' one is going to be great.

Which is important, since the previous one was GREAT too!

Today the Junior High kids caught wind of the switch,

And asked me why this change was happening

As I drove home the carpool.

I said it's just something they do every 5 years or so.

Just like they switch mom's every 14 years.

I told Josh this meant that he was due for a new mom.

Seemed so funny then --

But my kid is telling me about his booger encrusted nose --

Needing defense skillz in the lunchroom in case he's attacked by a ninja --

Trying to google stuff as I type this --

Maybe we should look into some sort of Mom Switch.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I've been thinking alot

as I play Bejeweled . . .

And have made some important Connections.

Connection #1

I don't blog much during the week if the previous Sunday stunk!

Sunday was a stinky day this week.  The fact of the matter is, that when Sunday is bad, it's always something I can't really verbalize and so I stew over it in my mind instead of on the blog. 

Connection #2

I drink a LOT more Diet Coke and eat a LOT more cookies for breakfast on the days I drive Preschool carpool!

Holy cow!  I hate getting up in the morning, getting Emma ready earlier than usual and then trying to pick kids up so we get there on time.  There always seems to be a delay.  And let's not kid ourselves . . . I am a delay when other people drive.

In addition, I'm just not a great 'kid' person.  With all the bragging, nagging, tattling and pestering in the car while transporting children, I want to shoot myself.  I am a bad, bad kid person with little patience left.  I think I used it all up with the boys.  I feel my age more as I parent Emma.  Sad ~

Connection #3

I am against Healthcare Reform UNTIL I find out that three people in my family need tonsils out and the other person has a sinus infection.

I have been advocating for Josh to get his tonsils out since he was 5.  And wouldn't you know it, but after Josh, Jeff and Emma were all referred to the same ENT by three DIFFERENT doctors -- I finally get to have Josh's tonsils out.  And Emma's.  And Jeff's. 

Except, now I have a Health Savings Account through Jeff's work.  Which means that Jeff can't get his tonsils out.  Emma can't get her tonsils out.  But JOSH CAN!

And since we'd hate to have Ethan feeling left out - we took him to the doctor yesterday too.  He has the sinus infection. 

Popping open my third Diet Coke of the morning. . . .

Thursday, March 11, 2010


We celebrated Melanie's birthday
with style
in style
getting style . . .

It included Melanie getting pierced ears!!

And because Emma held Melanie's hand during the procedure,
and then cried because she wanted hers done

Emma got pierced ears too!

These girls think they are so IT now!

I think they're pretty darn cute too ~

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Is The Grass Greener?

Did you know that there was a study done in England recently that indicated that Facebook was to blame in 20% of all divorces?

I have been wondering what my Facebook is saying about me and if I need to be worried that one of my old boyfriends will want to 'hook up' with me. 

So I thought we could analyze what my Facebook says about me.  Here's a few sample status updates that my old flames would be able to see:

  • Wendy McNees Vincent is celebrating 20 years of being married! Who would've thought it was possible?
  • This update can be analyzed to mean that I am MARRIED.  That I'm probably not looking for a boyfriend.  It also alludes to the fact that being married to me for a long amount of time is difficult.
  • Wendy McNees Vincent: At what age do you get to stop doing job charts for your kids?
  • This lady comes with children.  Children who need job charts to ensure they do jobs - children might be a little unruly.
  • Wendy McNees Vincent loves that it's 60 degrees in St. George!
  • Hooking up with Wendy will require trips to warm weather places.  This could get a little expensive.
  • Wendy McNees Vincent :-) for Saints, :-( for Austin Collie
  • What an awesome chicka!  She likes football.  I bet she LOVES football even more while watching it by herself while her husband / boyfriend cleans the house because he doesn't like football.
  • Wendy McNees Vincent hates printer ink, printers, ink refillers, anything to do with trying to print a simple document!
  • Wendy McNees Vincent has been on hold with Smith's Fresh Rewards 'hotline' for 15 minutes now. I feel slightly dumb for holding this long . . . . .
  • Wendy McNees Vincent hides gifts so well -- even I can't find them. Poor Jeff is missing his new wallet I bought for him. . . .
  • This lady STRUGGLES!!
  • Wendy McNees Vincent:  I have finally covered my grey hairs and trimmed my crazy hair. No ponytail on Sunday to church.
  • This is one OLD gray-haired momma who probably has sagging boobs and floppy triceps.  Note to self: Avoid seeing her NAKED!
Well, well . . . .looks like I"m in no danger of hooking up on Facebook!

But I'm heart broken that there have been some friends and family who have hooked up and ended up getting lost in their lives. 

Call me if you think you might be headed down this road.  I'll help you with a quick analysis of Facebook updates so you can make a more informed choice!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Esteem This!

So today was not a HIGH self - esteem day.

Do you want to know why?

Too Bad! 

It's so ridiculous that I hate to even admit it. 

Let's just say that I could compare myself to Saddam Hussein and come up feeling inadequate!

Let's also say that I took my self-esteem on such a ride today that I actually went to a website called the TEST CAFE to take a test to see how my self-esteem was faring.

36 questions later, and the results is . . . . . .

My weakness is procrastinating and my strength is self blame and personalization

And for a special price of $8.99 I can get a 10 page report that will analyze these and strengths and weaknesses for me!

After blaming myself for being an idiot for taking the test in the first place
I did NOT procrastinate and immediately diconnected myself from the TEST CAFE. 

I think I' m cured!

Monday, March 8, 2010


I'm a pathetic blogger . . . . .

In an attempt to reclaim this blog and my voice to the world,

I turn a new leaf and blog anew.

Today, it's about the Arts.

Pleasant Grove Arts, to be specific.

I was entertained tonight by a handful of local women as they performed, Nunsense!

It was great!

It was great to see my family so entertained,

It was great to see people putting themselves 'out there'

And sharing their talent.

There are a lot of groups in the city that do this,

And I'm blessed to have gotten to know them better.

I do wish that I could be better at promoting each of them,

Inspiring and encouraging them,

Lending a helping hand to them.

But I lead a fairly quite life and am not as connected to others as I could be.

It makes helping these talented groups a struggle for me.

But I'll keep trying, because they keep trying.

Come join me for a dinner and a show . . . .

Saturday, the 6th.  Dinner at 6pm (Costa Vida) and Show at 7:30pm (Nunsense).

Get your ticket at

I'm sitting on row D.

And tickets are on sale now for Once on This Island!!

 Plan another girls night out coming next month.