Thursday, February 19, 2009

Childhood Angst

Quick Bunko update: I'm going with a book theme for prizes, a Brownie & Strawberry dessert that was served at a Stake Primary Function and I'm seriously considering Little Caesar's Pizza.


On to Childhood Angst -

Ethan and I have been having lots of conversations lately about the 'joys' of being his age (11).

He's struggling with lots of issues and sadly, I struggled with many of the same.

In addressing his concerns, I find that I'm re-living many of the pains that I've managed to cover up for many, many years.

Would it surprise you to know that at 11 the following, random things, were part of my existence?

  • Trips to the Principal's office for hurting others.

(I hereby publicly apologize to Jason B and Noelle N for hurting you, repeatedly, on the playground. And to Mr. Shell for spending so much time in your office)

  • Being scared to death of my teacher!

(I should be checking the prison roster for my teacher, Mr. Johnson, who used to sit with his feet on his desk, picking his fingernails with a bowie knife. Occasionally he'd throw Kurt R. up against the wall. Sheer Terror!)

  • Being Teased Daily

(They teased me for being tall. Tall and skinny. Please world, please! . . . tease me again for being those two things.)

  • Monthly Visits From Aunt Flo(w)

(Yes, Amy - this is just too much personal info for the world on my blog. However, it illustrates my point that being 11 SUCKS!)

All I know is my heart is breaking for my child, who is trying to find his place in the world.

Childhood is not so easy, and being the mother of a child isn't either.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Games People Play

Let's just put aside the fact that "Thou Shalt Not Play Bunko" is the 11th Commandment.

And let's just accept that I'm on the fast track to hell.

And please understand that any input you give here is practically charity and can help you on your journey 'upwards'

With that said . . .

What the crap am I giving for Bunko prizes in two weeks and what fool proof dinner am I going to make?

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Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me, Monday

It's Monday and it's been a long weekend.

That can only mean one thing.

Not Me, Monday

For starters, I did not go out for a fun movie night with the girls on Friday only to offend many dear friends.

Appreciating and relying on my friends like I do certainly means I would not toss our verbal vomit in a manner that is completely thoughtless.

I also did not spend my drive to St. George replaying and replaying the stupid comments in my mind wishing the words could be taken back.


This weekend did not find me giggling like a compete maniac when I stepped from the car in St. George and bathed myself in the SUN!

Nor did I giggle like a little school girl when I saw the soda fountain in the kitchen of a home featured in the Home Show.

I did not drop dead when my favorite home that we toured had a price tag of $2,999,999.999. (Nearly dropped dead, but not fully).

I am not even considering a change jar at Harts to help fund the purchase of said home.


Finally, I did not blow off my running for two of the days I was gone. With the dedication I have to run this blasted race I would never forego any of my running opportunities!

I am not dreading the thought of running 5 miles tomorrow either . . . .

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Movie UPdate

Movie is at 7:05 - at the CINEMARK not Water Gardens. Meet at Jacquie's at 6 if you want to carpool over. Contact Jacquie if you want her to buy your ticket.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This blog entry used to be much longer . . .

Thought it was safer just to share the headline topic:

Human Hair Found In Prehistoric Hyena Poop

Why do people tempt me with headlines like this?


Can't help sharing a quote:

the toothy animal's meal was a scientific windfall, since meat-eater dung can make an effective hair preservative.


I have a new product I'm marketing . . . works great on hair!

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

You're Invited . . . .

Looking for a good time?

Well, then you're invited to a girl's night at the movies this FRIDAY!

(Clearly, if you're not a girl than you're really not invited - sorry)

We are going to see Confessions of a Shopaholic (based on a book that Jacquie & I thought was very funny)

At the Water Gardens

The 7:00-ish movie

Get your own ticket (or call me and I'll grab it while I'm getting mine)

EVERYONE (except for the obvious gender thing) is invited.

We are going out for dessert and chat afterwards!!

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Bunko Sisters

Just making my point from last night . . . .

Debbie, you missed your opportunity for a photo. See you all in March!

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My School Is Cool

Okay, so it's not really MY school - but it is my kid's school. I'm sending out kudos and goodness to PG Jr High this morning.

Yesterday I had the privilege of sitting in on presentations from different departments at the Jr. High.

Originally these presentations were arranged so that the teachers could receive their first-ever bonus money from the state.

Needless to say -- no more money

But the departments went ahead and prepared presentations to deliver to a small group of parents explaining how they are educating our children and in what ways.

What a GREAT opportunity this was!

PGJHS is mastering the art of teaching. They are using student data to plan and compensate for areas of concern. There are steps in place to help at risk students and to reward students who are more advanced.

Take a minute to visit the school's website. The stakeholder's report is great! And while not everything is perfect, I feel great about the steps being made to quickly fix areas of concern.

I have great respect for the administration and several teachers at the school who are trying so hard for my child and everyone else's! Thanks!!!

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Baby Necessities

A MUST-HAVE product for your baby.

Definitely a must-have if you've just had 8 babies (personal snarky comments left out, but check out Shauna's blog for similar feelings)

Please don't let me watch SNL anymore.

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