Monday, October 18, 2010

Reflections of Sunday

Here's my thoughts about this past Sunday:

1.  Sacrament meeting goes A LOT better when I don't sit by the boys.  Apparently I am the cause of the irreverence -- who knew?

2.  People will finally do the BSA Youth Protection Training if it gets them out of Sunday School. 

3.  I really do LOVE my new calling!  I'm the Advancement Committee Member for the scouting program -- it's a SWEET gig!

4.  It sucks when you haven't cut your coupons for 4 weeks. . . . .

5.  I really love Amazing Race!  I think Brooke and Claire are my favorite ones to watch.  I'm not saying they're going to win, but their hysterical.

6.  I also really love The Next Iron Chef.  No idea why I like this show -- I just do.

7.  After watching 60 minutes and reading The Lemon Tree I have some strong opinions about Israelis and Palestinians.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll tell you what those opinions are.  Meanwhile, you can have a thought about today, Monday.  It's the day I took Ethan to get his braces:

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Harmony said...

I laughed at #2! :-)