Sunday, September 11, 2011

Freaking Out

So, for over a month I've not blogged.

And apparently not blogging has made me hold in all my stress.

So today, I'm FREAKING out.

What am I freaking out about?

Lots --

1st -- Running a freaking marathon next Saturday.  I can't just be stressed about running 26.2 miles, but I'm freaking out about how coming in last will be perceived.  I just can't be happy with the miles, I have to not be last either.  Don't know why this is bothering me so much, but it is.  And there's nothing I can do about it now.

2nd -- Homecoming.  I'm freaking out that my baby is going to the Homecoming dance on Saturday.  He's so grown up now and I'm not loving that. (Except for when he can drive himself places - and then I LOVE it).  And the freakin' part of this is that I will be running a MARATHON instead of being at home to help him with the day date and maybe getting ready!!

3rd -- Sunday School & Embarrassing my kid.  So I teach Sunday School now.  Specifically, Ethan's class.  I'm 2 for 2 on embarrassing him in class.  I like to add a little 'personal' touch to the lessons which involve stories about my and Ethan's relationship.  He would like me to go teach another class.  Maybe this item is more of Ethan Freaking out.  I just feel bad that I can't keep my mouth shut.

4th -- Amazing Race & Biggest Loser are starting in the next few weeks.  Although I'm not really freaking out about it, there is a certain amount of anticipation that is making me happy right now.

5th  -- And to not leave out Emma, I could probably say I'm freaking out about here homework and violin practice.  I am just not getting into the swing of things with her yet.  It's a tough one to get these two things done with her.

Ah goodtimes!


Kr!sty said...

Wendy. You amaze me in so many ways. You are a wonderful mother, runner & friend! I LOVE you.

Yoli said...

Wendy, I can't believe you are running a Marathon. You have taken this running business to a new level! Good for you!