Thursday, October 6, 2011

There's hard, and then there's harder

I'm a regular complainer lately.

Somewhere along the way we've turned a corner,

and parenting the boys has become very hard for me.

I feel like I have less control,  that they listen less, that I am less of a parent.

I'm struggling!

But, as is the case, when I whine -

I get it pointed out that my life ain't so bad.

I've heard heart wrenching parenting stories at work,

from parents and grandparents.

I call to make appointments to help kids,

And get sobbing parents and grandparents who are at their breaking points.

Yes, suddenly my hard life doesn't look so bad.

There's Hard, but then there's Harder.

And then I feel grateful and try to re-group.

While I pray for total strangers.

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