Friday, June 11, 2010


Just wanted to let you all know I'm still Alive. . . .

Jumping into summer has been a little hard.

We started with

2 Scout Camps,

2 Weeks of Swimming Lessons

220 Swim Team members looking for suits & stuff,

130 Triathlon participants,

2 weeks left at Symantec,

1 Unfinished Rock Wall,

1 Falling down deck,

1 Shed that needs to be built

1 Boat to be sold

1 Car to be sold

3 Children to be nagged into jobs

And 7 days left until I run RAGNAR again!

My "Alive" status may not last very long.


Leslie said...

Wow, when does school start back need a break~! Good luck with all of that.

kellieanne said...

It's wrong how crazy summer can be right from the start. Running the Ragnar will be your vaction from summer vacation.