Monday, July 5, 2010

Fire - Works

Twelve Year Old Man Has Discovered Fire

A twelve year old man encountered the effects of fire this weekend and burned his thumb.  After purchasing a multitude of fireworks, with his own money, he proceeded to light them.  Following the lighting of the fire bombs, the twelve year old man threw them in the air - narrowly missing the car parked BEHIND him!  During the process of lighting and throwing, a thumb was charred and blistered. 

Somewhere, nearby, a mother was a FREAKING out!


tammy said...

That smile on his face is too big. I'd be layin' some smack-down on him. Dead meat.

TinaJ said...

You're lucky he waited until he was 12. My pyros started at 8. And then learned how to alter fireworks so they were more like the kind that are illegal. I guess it came from their Dad who started at 5 by lighting a field on fire.