Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weight Lifted

I realize you all know that I was released from Primary a few weeks ago. 

Last week I was busy attending a lovely open house for Chris, and missed the true feeling of being Primary-free.

But today, I experienced the whole thing.

And it was lovely.

I sang the closing hymn in sacrament meeting,

I read scripture and enjoyed a great Sunday School Lesson,

I was told to put away my phone in Relief Society,

And I was GIVEN a treat instead of GIVING OUT treats!


I'll be honest, primary was getting too tough for me the last few months.  And although I didn't ask to be released I know that it was obvious I was needing it.  The craziness, the meanness, the unthoughtfulness of some of the people in primary really brought me down.

But I can tell you today, I'm on the up swing!  My bucket is being filled, instead of drained.

I think this blog will benefit more from this change too ---


Harmony said...

Just a wee bit jealous here! :-)

Shauna said...

Enjoy your primary-free're too good a catch to let you loose for long!

Peggy said...

Aw! I'm happy for you, Wendy! I hope you love whatever comes next.

Mel said...

I'm so happy for you and can't get enough of the "perm-a-grin" :)

Sherry said...

Awww...I think it's time for another girls weekend and another game of Ticket to Ride.

And.....Harmony, I'm telling your Bishop. What's his name again?

Kr!sty said...

hmmm, happy for you anyway. *insert nasty face here*

Jacquie said...

Weight lifted hun?????? Now just another kind of weight!

Sherry said...

ha! Ditto to Jacquie! Jeff will be awesome. Congrats! Now I'll have someone else to sit with at the annual bishopric bbq. :)