Wednesday, November 17, 2010


When Jeff and I travel, we like to enjoy the local food.

This is NOT a natural trait for Jeff, as he did not like trying new food when we first married.  His first taste of Prime Rib didn't come until he went to dinner with me and my parents when he was 23.

Trying new food, particularly local favorites, is part of my heritage.   I recall stopping at EVERY bakery in China Town to find the best almond cookie.  And if it looks like a local food DIVE, we will stop and partake. . . .

Anyway, Hawaii was just a great big opportunity to try local food -- and for the most part, I got photos:

Featured above is Garlic Shrimp from Macky's Shrimp Truck.  This was our first meal in Hawaii.  Jeff ate more shrimp than I think is humanly possible.  He managed to put down 34+ shrimp in one day -- I can't even think what his overall trip total would be.

Above is a delicious Pineapple Burger from Kua'Aina in Haleiwa.  There's a tasty grilled pineapple with grilled onion on this huge burger.  We did manage to eat twice at this place!  Shockingly, Jeff only had fries and cole slaw the last time -- may have had something to do with all the shrimp he ate the day before)

Not a great photo, but you'll get the point.  This was my breakfast from the Hukilau Cafe.  It's called a Loco Moco.  There's a bed of white rice, a piece of mahi mahi, two eggs over easy and brown gravy.  It's quite delicious and fairly unusual for this Haole. 

While in Waikiki we did manage to eat at Hank's Haute Dogs and Duke's.    We enjoyed a Hula Pie from Duke's and the Lava Flow drink pictured above (minus rum).    Waikiki was a little too touristy for us, but it was still pretty sweet to sit in a restaurant dining on yummy food right next to the beach.  Life is Good!


Island mama said...

Oh man! The memories, the memories! One of my favorite stops is a little fruit stand in the International Marketplace, way in the back where you can pick a combination of your favorite fruits in one big, heaping bowl of lusciousness! My mouth is watering just thinking of it....

tammy said...

Ooohhh---I ate at Kua'Aina! Did you have Leonard's malasadas off a truck? YUM!!

Shauna said...

The shrimp truck is my favorite...a mobile dive!! Great food...and quite a bargain, at least when we were there.

*making note to self: must return to the Hawaii*

Glad you had a good time!!

Kr!sty said...

mmmmm, I need Hawaii just for the food again! That dirty shrimp truck & Kua'Aina burgers. I'm drooling over here.