Thursday, November 11, 2010


I spent my day yesterday watering all my plants.

Apparently I've neglected them with all the STUFF going on lately.

I logged onto this blog thinking maybe it had tried to curl up and die like the plants.

Appears not.

But it does look pretty neglected.

Unlike these little specimens of plants I saw in Hawaii two days ago -- (Where it was 80+ degrees and I was sweating like a pig dressed in flip flops and capris . . . )

Good times at the botanical gardens in Hawaii!

Look for more good stuff in the days to come, and I don't just mean about our trip,  We've got plenty happening around the house too.  Plus I find myself more opinionated then ever -- so I'm sure you're gonna want to hear that too!


Peggy said...

Holy cow! Those are some amazing pictures! And of course, amazing plants. Makes me want to hop on a plane...

Mel said...

awesome photos!!!

Island mama said...

Of course we want to hear your opinions on things! That's the best part!!!!

Kr!sty said...

OH, yay! Mrs. Opinion is here. I LOVE her. ;)
How are your nasty mosquito bites? Mine are finally NOT stinging every time I shower. Now we're to the 'bleed if touched' stage. It's awesome.