Friday, December 24, 2010

It's Finished!

Two quick posts this morning and then I'm on to fixing a holiday meal and Santa cookies.

First Post -- the house is FINISHED! 

And by "finished" I mean that there's still a few little things to do,

But I can use my kitchen now!

Take a look:

 (New Cabinets, tile splash and slide-in range!)

 (My amazing rock fireplace with new mantle!)

(New railing that is so beautiful!)

 (New sink and my granite - Love it!)

(New fridge with its first two residents -- Diet Coke and antibiotics)

This experience took a little longer than anticipated, but the results are so Great!

I have been really blessed to have some talented craftsmen in my home, whom I just adore!

If you ever need a contractor, builder or remodeler -- you need to call Scott Dent.  We are LUCKY to call him our friend!  He has been amazing to give me his much valued opinion on everything from my wall color to my granite choice. 

If you ever need a tile guy who is the nicest, most honest, and most talented guy around, you MUST call Miguel.  We are planning future tiling jobs just so we see him again!

Need granite?  Need a laugh?  Call Justin -- don't worry about where he works, just make sure he's handling the granite and there's no problem.  But send out every good thought on the planet to him that he becomes a published children's author this year.  He's super talented!

And should you need carpet, access to the awesome tile guy, or wood floors -- go to Westco and talk to Joy.  Or just go to Westco and buy nothing and talk to Joy -- because really, you'd just be lucky to talk to her and have her as a friend! 

We've got names galore on other varied projects too, electrician, HVAC, plumbing -- okay, not plumbing, Jeff did that himself.  But I'm just saying we've been very blessed with the people we have met!

Come by and see me -- I'll actually invite you in now!


Peggy said...

Oh, my gosh! It all looks SO fabulous!! Every single bit of it. I especially love your backsplash.

Kr!sty said...

AHHHHHHHHH! I am SO excited for you to have a "new" home! You completely deserve it & it IS beautiful. :)

Jacquie said...

It looks awesome! I am so glad you went all the way on the mantle it is beautiful! I agree you can't go wrong with Scott and Miguel seriously delightful people and talented!

Leslie said...

Oh My Heck!!! Wendy, it is beautiful!!! I can not wait to see the fabulousness for myself......Hope you are enjoying it:)