Monday, December 13, 2010

Thoughts on Sunday

Time for another installment about what I thought on Sunday!

1.  I thought I would kill my kids for getting ready for church 10 minutes before we needed to leave.  I think they need a moratorium from the computer / tv.

2.  I think it's okay to email during sacrament meeting, as long it's high council Sunday and I have to work out my future marathon plans with Jaime.

3.  I think I should not share any of my comments from Relief Society ---- you're welcome!

4.  I think Amazing Race is GREAT!  And I'm thrilled that Nat and Kat won, except I love Brooke and Claire too.  Can't wait for the next season.

5.  I think Visiting Teachers are great when they bring me awesome sugar cookies and truffles!  They are pretty okay when they just bring a message too . .   .

6.  I think you should all go vote for CSYP so they can get a grant from Pepsi to go to New York.  I mostly think this because I am not going with them unless they get the grant.  Somehow I think that they'll take me for free if they get it.  So Vote!   Every day!

That's it . . . check back later for a great post if I could only find my boondoggle -- yeah, boondoggle . . .

1 comment:

Patti Call said...

Sad that I missed RS.

Okay, not really! I had fun taking Bruce's projector home, grabbing a diet coke, then hanging with Hazel in the library.