Monday, May 16, 2011


Can't resist posting these photos everywhere.

The suits are a result of Josh's too-tight-Sunday pants that we've had to paint on him each week, 

And the fortunate happenstance that Mr. Mac had a BOGO!

There is a little problem with our timeliness in purchasing suits, 

As it occurred one week after the new baptism boys wore suits to church and the bishop commented on it.

Now I look as though I'm making my teens compete with the 8 year olds.  

Ah well . . . 


Unknown said... stuff...coming through! My, my, but those are some good looking boys. It is like a preview of them as missionaries!

Nik said...

They look awesome! Just like missionaries...won't be long...;)

Unknown said...

lol! They SHOULD compete with the 8yo's! What handsome boys you have!

leesaloo2 said...

oh my gosh, you have some handsome boys. In a few years you are looking at swarms of girls hovering around if you don't already!