Monday, May 9, 2011


The first thing I do every morning is . .  .

Grunt at Jeff to give me the remote.  

Jeff wanders off to shower and get ready, and I turn on the TV.

And I always turn it on to the Today Show.

(yes, except for Saturday and Sunday)

I like the first 90 minutes of the Today Show. 

I like getting all the NEWS as I wake up.

But as of June, I'm not going to be watching like I use to.

In fact, I may find a new way to wake myself up and get moving.


Because Meredith is leaving.

But that's not really the problem.

It's that Ann is replacing her.

Aaaaggghhh -- 

That Ann Curry drives me nuts! 

I just don't think she's sincere.  She uses a different 'pity' voice when she's trying to suck someone's story out of them.

(Josh and Ethan think I have that same voice change when I try to teach someone something -- ew!)

Starting my day with Ann is just not going to work for me.

I will cross my fingers that Katie Couric gets her own morning show so I can survive.  But I'll sure miss Matt . . . . 

Yup, I'm just this nerdy to care about the Today Show!

1 comment:

Jacquie said...

How did they come up with that idea? I agree she is totally annoying, but I didn't enjoy Meredith either. Warning channel 2 will still be worse! You might have to try FOX.