Friday, January 13, 2012


How long's it been since you went to a Woods Class?

You know, the class in Jr High where you make candy machines, keychains, pen sets, etc?

Wednesday I'd have told you had been 25 years.

But today, I can tell you it's been 1 day!

It was fun (for me).

Ethan didn't seem to enjoy his mommy going to class with him though. . . . .

But what's a mom to do when her son is getting an "F" in the class and there's two days left in the term?

This mom does what she says she'll do when there's more than one missing assignment --

And I show up in class to "help".

Ethan was mortified!

But he's getting an "A-" as of this morning!

Guess it works to have mommy keeping you on track in class.

(Someone needs to get my kid therapy)


Peggy Eddleman said...

Bahahaaha! LOVE THIS! You rock, Wendy.

(And when I first read "how long's it been since you went to a Woods class?" I thought, I was in Miss Wood's class just today! ;))

Unknown said...

Go MOM!! I threaten this too..and almost got to go to Biology with The Boy this week. Glad Ethan's grade has picked up! :)