Thursday, January 26, 2012

Let me be BRIEF

Went on a shopping trip with Josh yesterday.

He needed a new suit for his upcoming region meet.

(That means that his other suits have sat in the bottom of his swim bag and gotten all NASTY!)

Anyway, Josh opted for a BRIEF suit,

Instead of a normal jammer . . . . .

Ummm,  Hello?  That's way more of my MAN child than I was prepared to see.

Holy cow!  Where did my baby boy go?

(I'll try to capture a photo of this 3/4 naked swimmer and post it later)

Meanwhile, good luck Josh!  Swim hard in the 200 and 500 yard races.


Shauna said...

Not to sound slike a "creeper" but in light of his recent physical metamorphasis, this could be a good look for him. Not that I was looking.... Dangit. I still sound like a creeper. Good luck Josh!!

Kr!sty said...

oh, wow. I'm voting for a "no share" of that future photo. Please. Keep that thing private. *no pun intended*