Monday, February 6, 2012

Color Run

Here's a photo journey of our trip to Arizona! 

We couldn't start the trip off without a stop at a gas station -- Thank you Melanie, for staying off the animal!

This stop was really cool.  This monument celebrates the Quilt Walk by some settlers of Panguitch.  the men walked on the quilts their wives made to keep from sinking into the mud as they went for much needed food. 

Here we are at the beginning of the Color Run!  We are wearing nice clean white shirts - which we know will get DIRTY!

Less than a mile in and we see the first color throw!  So do the 6000 other 'runners' . . . ...Can you believe how many people there are here?  There's still more behind us waiting to get to the yellow color.

This is a great photo because you can see the lake we run around.  In the distance you can see the green and purple color that's being thrown at people.

Melanie celebrating her finish!

Jaime celebrating!

Me, with a super duper close-up!

Mom, came with us but didn't run.  She did join in the color party at the finish line (they did a HUGE throw every 15 minutes at the finish).  Ha!  It was so cool to see my mom in color and having a good time!

After the race we found plenty to do!  We went outlet mall shopping and then to Bahama Bucks for some Hawaiian ice.  It really was FABULOUS!

Sunday morning we headed home.  But that got all messed up as we kept detouring to see EVERYTHING!  Here we are at the Mesa Temple.

And here we are, stopping at every piece of art on Mesa's main street!  So fun!

To show how crazy we are, we took a huge loop to Lake Havasu so we could have an antipasta salad at Mudshark's!  DELICIOUS!  (Only we would drive 2 extra hours to eat a salad!)

Can't miss the London Bridge if you are in Havasu!  Here's Jaime hanging with the brilliant men who decided to buy the bridge and move it to the middle of the desert.

Popeye's!  Need I say more?  Guess I could say it three times - as that's the number of times we ate here in three days.  Sad . . .really sad.  But so TASTY!

Man, do we know how to pack in the fun in three days, or what??!

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Peggy Eddleman said...

LOVE IT! You guys are too cool.