Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Games People Play

Let's just put aside the fact that "Thou Shalt Not Play Bunko" is the 11th Commandment.

And let's just accept that I'm on the fast track to hell.

And please understand that any input you give here is practically charity and can help you on your journey 'upwards'

With that said . . .

What the crap am I giving for Bunko prizes in two weeks and what fool proof dinner am I going to make?

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Leslie said...

Well....when you have been playing this oh so sinful game as long as you have, I can see where these questions would be...well....overwhelming!! When was the last time you just did gift certificates as gifts? How about serving soup in bread bowls?
Having a pizza night or just sandwiches with yummy Kneaders bread? Whatever you do, I know it will be a success and a night of fun had by all!!

Taffy said...

I was going to suggest soup also. Or a baked potato bar or taco salad.
I have a friend in St. George who headed up Bunko for years. And she use to say, "I'm the Bishop's wife and I have bunko at my house all the time! So it's ok!" then she would laugh the way only cute, pert blondes laugh. Until the stake president called her and told her to stop playing bunko. lol

Melanee said...

As much as I would love to start playing Bunco (never been part of a group and still trying to start one up) but I have only played one time. I guess that I will be forever attached to the game. For dinner, I would have a soup/salad bar (with lots of yummy breads and/or rolls). For February's prizes, I would go with Rod Works. My sister's group uses that and amazing things from For Every Body. At For Every Body, they have gorgeous clocks so maybe you could do a theme on time (wasting it or not). Just an idea.

Jaime said...

For the dinner you could go the Costco route. Get a bag of rolls, container of chicken salad, bags of chips, and a veggie platter. Then for dessert? Creme puffs or cheesecake.

As for prizes, I don't know...but your book theme seems like a good idea. :)