Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me, Monday

It's Monday and it's been a long weekend.

That can only mean one thing.

Not Me, Monday

For starters, I did not go out for a fun movie night with the girls on Friday only to offend many dear friends.

Appreciating and relying on my friends like I do certainly means I would not toss our verbal vomit in a manner that is completely thoughtless.

I also did not spend my drive to St. George replaying and replaying the stupid comments in my mind wishing the words could be taken back.


This weekend did not find me giggling like a compete maniac when I stepped from the car in St. George and bathed myself in the SUN!

Nor did I giggle like a little school girl when I saw the soda fountain in the kitchen of a home featured in the Home Show.

I did not drop dead when my favorite home that we toured had a price tag of $2,999,999.999. (Nearly dropped dead, but not fully).

I am not even considering a change jar at Harts to help fund the purchase of said home.


Finally, I did not blow off my running for two of the days I was gone. With the dedication I have to run this blasted race I would never forego any of my running opportunities!

I am not dreading the thought of running 5 miles tomorrow either . . . .

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Sherry said... if you could ever offend ANYONE. Sorry I missed the fun Friday night.

Shauna said...

Verbal Vomit?! My favorite kind!
;) Shauna

kellieanne said...

I can't believe I forgot Friday night. Blast this out to lunch brain of mine! I love you Wendy.

Jacquie said...

Just so you know I wasn't offended by a thing. I just felt stupid for interupting your serious chat and didn't know quite how to move along. Thanks, for coming along!