Thursday, February 19, 2009

Childhood Angst

Quick Bunko update: I'm going with a book theme for prizes, a Brownie & Strawberry dessert that was served at a Stake Primary Function and I'm seriously considering Little Caesar's Pizza.


On to Childhood Angst -

Ethan and I have been having lots of conversations lately about the 'joys' of being his age (11).

He's struggling with lots of issues and sadly, I struggled with many of the same.

In addressing his concerns, I find that I'm re-living many of the pains that I've managed to cover up for many, many years.

Would it surprise you to know that at 11 the following, random things, were part of my existence?

  • Trips to the Principal's office for hurting others.

(I hereby publicly apologize to Jason B and Noelle N for hurting you, repeatedly, on the playground. And to Mr. Shell for spending so much time in your office)

  • Being scared to death of my teacher!

(I should be checking the prison roster for my teacher, Mr. Johnson, who used to sit with his feet on his desk, picking his fingernails with a bowie knife. Occasionally he'd throw Kurt R. up against the wall. Sheer Terror!)

  • Being Teased Daily

(They teased me for being tall. Tall and skinny. Please world, please! . . . tease me again for being those two things.)

  • Monthly Visits From Aunt Flo(w)

(Yes, Amy - this is just too much personal info for the world on my blog. However, it illustrates my point that being 11 SUCKS!)

All I know is my heart is breaking for my child, who is trying to find his place in the world.

Childhood is not so easy, and being the mother of a child isn't either.

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Unknown said...

On the bright side, Ethan has no Aunt Flo(w) that comes to visit AND he has you to commiserate with! Lucky kid!

Nik said...

Unfortunately, I don't think it ever gets easy. I guess we all just have to learn to deal with the "uneasiness" of it all. He's got the best parents in the world to help him through it though!

Jaime said...

But look how you turned out. You are amazing, Wendy. And he will come out of this all the better for it because he's being taught by you. But you're right, it is hard. B is already going through crap in first grade that I thought wouldn't come until jr. high. (Not Aunt Flo yet, thank goodness.) :)

kellieanne said...

I totally understand your worries. Seth has had one thing or another over the years. Did you know he was suspended the last day of 6th grade? Yeah, we weeded the garden together.

I have come to realize that 90% of the kids at school are fine with Seth, the other 10% are just dweeps. Unfortunately, just because kids are fine with Seth doesn't mean they want to be too friendly. So, Seth doesn't have a lot of friends. It make me sad. More sad than anything else I deal with.

Peggy said...

Fifth grade was SO hard for Kyle, too! And hard for me as a result. It's tough to watch your kid have to go through so much stuff that is even tough to watch from the sidelines!

leesaloo2 said...

I think that is the worst thing about being a mother... watching your children go through life's little stumbling blocks and knowing all you can really do is give advice and cry right along with them. And from what I hear, it only gets more complicated and your advice becomes as outdated as you are. My dad's advice for everything is to just love them. And from what I know of you, you already have that down pat!
And on a happier note, Happy Anniversary!!!

Jacquie said...

Where is Wendy I keep checking and no update, are you ok????

Kim said...


What a concept. . . talking to your kid and empathizing with them??? What?? Practicing before the teen years?? I had some job security until parents like you come around! Please put me out of work (with kids and parent relations anyway!)


Ernie and Anita Thornton said...

I would like to know where the brownie part of the Bunko desert was tonight! And actually pizza never sounds bad! Hey -- it was so much fun tonight. Guess we were all ready for good laughs, fun, and just plain nasty girl talk!