Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Gotta Win

So, I'm working through a twelve step program to manage my addiction to playing games.

I've really only made it through step one - Recognizing My Addicition

I Recognized my addiction when I kept playing BeJeweled until I beat my friend's score.

I Recognized my addicition when I had to go back through Burger Shop to get all Gold Stars.

I Recognized my addicition when I stopped playing Typing Mania because I'll never beat Melanie's score.

But then I remembered this story from KSL a few weeks ago . .

ksl.com - 2 men arrested following separate game incidents

Perhaps I better move along to step two in addiction recovery before I hurt someone and end up in jail.


Em said...

Look out Lori - Wendy's got a HAMMER!!!!!

Peggy said...

I like to play a little game called PathWords when I need a five minute break from the world. And every time I go into the game, your untouchable 1320 score taunts me.

So, are you saying I should quit trying to beat it? :)

Piglet de' Erin said...

ha ha! I love games. I love scramble on facebook. IN fact, I realized I was having a problem when I played for 5 hours straight. I had to stop cold turkey.