Friday, August 14, 2009

Picture This!

So . . . . I'm suppose to present something at homemaking in September.

The theme has something to do with digital photos and what to do with them.

Here's my dilemma:

1. We are meeting at my house next Friday to discuss it -- and my house looks like CRAP and I think it will still look like CRAP next Friday.

2. What would someone want to know about digital photos?

If you can help with either of these two problems, I'd appreciate it!


Melanee said...

If you are on a beginner level, I would show how to get red eye out. Maybe a little photoshop (very basic) to set up a collage card or a scrapbook page. With written instructions (bullet point easy).

How or where to email your photo's for printing (larger pages at costco... etc).

Just an idea.

Em said... - - - - she saves me everyday!!!

Kim said...

(This is Trent)

I think some airbrushing and some of the manipulations you can do to make yourself look 10 lbs lighter??