Wednesday, October 28, 2009


In case you've missed the last few chapters of my life, I thought I'd update you quickly with the cliffsnotes version.

(Note: It is not correct to refer to them as Cliff Notes - you must include the "s" after the Cliff. Also, I have never resorted to reading a Cliffsnotes publication. It seemed like cheating.)

1. Emma's Birthday

My baby is now five.

I thought having her turn such a 'milestone' age would be hard for me. But it wasn't. It's comfortable, and I am ready to step into a new stage of life where babies and toddlers are now to be saved until I'm a grandma. (YIKES! that just freaked me out)

2. Ethan's Contacts

Ethan is the proud new owner of contact lenses. He has begged for a year to get them, and so we did. Of course I told him he needed to take care of them, not lose them, etc, etc. So when he 'lost' one at the Pirate Place (think Chuck E. Cheese runs into the Dread Pirate Roberts) where we were celebrating Emma's birthday, it was a big deal!

Let's just say:

  • That I didn't lose my mind completely when it happened
  • Ethan was devastated
  • We searched through a darkened, sticky, messy booth looking for a contact lens
  • Ethan prayed while I scoffed that we'd find the lens
  • We found the lens
  • I humbled myself and repented while thinking Ethan is the coolest person I know.

Good times.

3. Jeff is Grounded

Jeff was out of town last week. He will not be out of town for a LONG time. I suck at being a single parent and the house makes too many weird noises while he's gone. My feet are too cold at night without him. My back is ruined because of the contorted way I slept on the bed trying to keep my eye on the door, yet poised to call 911 to report a fire or intruder. I also am not the bedtime ritual parent -- managing teeth brushing, potty and story was harder for me than I'd like to admit.

4. Josh is 14 and Swims

This explains everything about my interaction with Josh. He swims well. In fact he swam a freestyle 500 in a meet against Lone Peak and AF and came in 10th - not bad for a freshman. And he dropped time in his 50 freestyle.

Meanwhile, any conversation with him is a complete mental exercise to make what I'm saying mean the same thing as he's hearing and vice versa. He has also adopted some cat-like attention spans where he'll be engaged with you one second and then WHOOSH! he's off on to something else!

Shout out to Josh, however, who should have a 4.0 in school this semester while carrying AP Geography, and three other honors classes. He has a concert this Thursday too (thank your lucky stars you didn't go shopping for all black clothes with him, that was . . . . something else)

5. Mom Sinks Into Seasonal Depression

Amongst all the fun being had around here I'm sinking into my pre-winter blues, which will be followed by my winter blues and wrapped up by my pre-spring blues. I think it all started after the Ragnar race when I mentally came apart. I have been doubting my leadership abilities since then -- and the culmination of snow yesterday and possibly today has my heart as heavy as lead.

I am planning on a recovery plan today which is:

  • Diet Coke and Pumpkin Pie for breakfast
  • Giving a talk about leadership to student council members at Melanie's school
  • Pretending I don't hate Halloween as I dress my kids up for the ward party and preschool
  • Ditching the ward Fall Party as I make Jeff take the kids to it while I go tanning
  • Enjoying more Diet Coke and Pumpkin Pie for dinner

I'll let you know how it works.


Island mama said...

Right there with ya, sista!

Shauna said...

I still love you and you darling punks. You can eat pumpkin pie (and diet coke) with me anytime.

Kr!sty said...
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Kr!sty said...

hmmm, it seems as though the tide has come in. I never thought of it being the season, but maybe that's why my attitude is so foul! Well, I guess I won't be seeing you later tonight...I threatened my child there would be no carnival if he didn't shape up. Clearly, the carnival is gone. darn.

Leslie said...

I would have loved to share in your recovery plan(except that talk on leadership thing).
I love pumpkin pie, hate halloween and my skin is just so pastey white...Hope it was a good day, miss ya:)

Mel said...

I don't know if that "recovery plan" sounds very relaxing--but I do know that you did a great job motivating those student council kids to be better and take care of themselves! Thank you for all you do :)

Mel said...
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