Thursday, October 29, 2009

Family History

I've 'inherited' a lot of family history stuff from Jeff's Grandmother who passed away this year.

My craft room is overflowing with boxes of photos, slides, negatives, cards, etc.

I've digitized many of these things.

And here's just a little sampling of some Vincent Family slides from 1971 - ish.

(Jeff and his sister Jennifer)


(Jeff, Jennifer and baby Becky)


I'm looking for suggestions on what to do with a bazillion greeting cards, birthday cards, Christmas cards that Grandma kept.
Do I just bundle them up and pass them along?


Sean and Janet Eyring said...

When Janet's grandparents died, and it was time to go thru the "stuff" they gave most things back to the person who originally gave it in the first place. Then they could decide if they kept it or not.

Tori and Steve said...

Oh boy, not easy. Huck the ones that just have a signed name, no personal message. Keep envelopes that are postmarked. bundle and pass on! That's the easy way. Let me know if you want an idea on how to "scrapbook" them! I have become the self proclaimed queen of handmedown keepsakes!