Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Feeling of Being [Un]Satisfied

I'm not the best at carrying on traditions,

But there is one that I love each holiday season!

Santa brings me a 1000 - 1500 piece puzzle each year.

And the race is on, to put the puzzle together before the holiday season ends.

Working together with everyone in the family,

We met the challenge.

How satisfied am I feeling right now?

This feels fairly UNSATISFACTORY.

Anyone seen my missing puzzle piece?


Tori and Steve said...

I used to work for Eric Dowdle selling puzzles. We used to get calls that people were missing a piece and they wanted us to replace just that piece. We would offer to replace the puzzle, but they didn't want to do the whole puzzle over, they would describe exactly were in the puzzle the piece was, as if we could just go get them that exact piece. Anyhow, I used to scoff at people who would swear the piece wasn't in the box. I would think, check under the table, check your toddlers hands or the cat's mouth. Then, Eric visited the puzzle making factory and saw how easily pieces would fall off the assembly line while they were being boxed. After that, we changed puzzle manufacturers!
Wow! That was a long comment! so sorry for your loss of puzzle piece. I know the feeling of satisfaction when placing that last piece!

Sherry said...

Come borrow our puzzle that we so do NOT love to put together. It's 1000 pieces and it's called "The Wheatfield".....so NOT the puzzle that we bond over when we put together. :)

Anonymous said...

How sad!!! It is not in my pocket though :-(


Taffy said...

I think it fell in Blake's diaper...

Yoli said...

Oh Bummer! When I was growing up my brothers and I loved working on puzzles. We use to hide pieces because we wanted the be the person to put the last piece on the puzzle, needless to say, sometimes we hid them way too well...lots of unsatisfaction!

Mel said...

See? It wasn't me! It was the puzzle manufacturers! ;)