Monday, January 25, 2010

My Two Sons

These two little boys have been keeping me busy lately.

As well as any family and friends we have.

Ethan enjoyed a special weekend
Where he turned 12,
Had a surprise birthday party at the auto show,
And received the priesthood,
while his mom and dad cried.

Josh enjoyed a special weekend too,
Where he received his Eagle,
with the mayor giving an great Eagle Charge,
His dad giving a sweet spotlight,
And Josh thanking those who supported him.

I have had, in the back of my mind a feeling from when Josh was tiny and headed to nursery for the first time.  I had an overwhelming sense of appreciation for the adults in my children's lives. 

I often feel inadequate at being a parent, and when I see the success of my kids, I know that they are having that because there are other caring adults in their lives.

I guess I do think that it takes a village to raise a child.   And I'm grateful for my village and family that have helped me have two great sons!


Shauna said...

That village goes both ways. You have wonderful boys, but you are wonderful parents. Thanks for the help you have given in raising my kids, along with so many others.

They grow up too fast, certainly.

Leslie said...

Wow, who knew that a post about those amazing two boys of yours would make me sob!!!! I am having trouble stopping the tears today. Although my village is a good one, some days I miss your village so much:)
You and Jeff are amazing and so are those two boys. Congrats to them on the amazing events they have just experienced....Love you guys.

miss mandi said...

Emma told me Ethan was getting baptised this weekend. But priesthood is good too.

kellieanne said...

I'm grateful I live in your village.