Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Ugly Truth

I think it's good to bring yourself back to reality every now and again.

To that end, I'm sharing some of the Ugly Truth about my life.

It's not pretty . . . I'm warning you:

Rotting mini pumpkins outside my front door.  Welcome to the Vincent's!

My 'craft' room.  My craft is stacking and piling stuff up.

My stack of books to read that I've stashed behind my nightstand.

I'm not a duster.  And this is not the only place dust is frosting my belongings.

Under my couch.  That's a bowl with possible food in it, a piece of popcorn, and unidentified brown stuff. 

You'll be glad to know that I photographed these ugly things in my life and did nothing else about them.  That's just one more ugly truth about myself.  I'm lazy.


Taffy said...

When did you sneak into my house and took those pictures??

Leslie said...

You Rock :)

Sherry said...

I wouldn't even be able to focus on anything under my couch for a picture BECAUSE there is too much stuff.

Jacquie said...

OK, you are one of friends actually invited to my house anytime!

Sean and Janet Eyring said...

It's like we were twins separated at birth....except for the rotting pumpkins. Instead at my house it's Christmas lights which were only just unplugged last weekend, so as not to twinkle in the neighborhood ALL YEAR LONG.

Island mama said...

Great minds think alike!

Wendi said...

I am not sure what I love more...your honesty or the fact that you called dust "frosting."
I am stealing that one.
Borrowing your term.

Kr!sty said...

seriously?! certainly the FUNNIEST thing I've heard all day. And you know my boys, I hear funny all the time. Way to be honest with yourself. I'm still in partial denial.