Monday, March 14, 2011

Great Read

The blogging goes down . .  .

Reading has increased.

I have read several books the past few months,

And I must recommend to you:

The Year of Living Biblically by A.J. Jacobs.

I really, really enjoyed reading this.

I confess that I laughed a LOT and read so many passages to the family that they were happy to see me finish!

The premise is that the author will live the rules of the Bible as literally as possible for a year.

This makes sense when you consider rules like pay a tithe and love thy neighbor.

But you're just asking for trouble with some of the rules regarding stoning and unclean women.

Ha!  I laugh just thinking about those sections.

Come on, go read it!

And then call me and let's go to lunch to discuss.

P.S.  A little shout out to Patti -- I really want you to read this and tell me what you think.


Nissa Allred said...

I read it for a book club and laughed the whole time!! My favorite part is that God blesses those who do a "half-ass job". It is in the top 10 best books.

Peggy said...

It sounds hilarious! I think I might just have to read that now.