Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Hate St Patrick's Day!

I hate St. Patrick's Day

Okay, maybe that's a little harsh.
I totally respect St. Patrick for removing snakes from Ireland. 

I would like him better if he would've removed snakes from Utah.

Also, I would like St. Pat more if he didn't come with the whole Leprechaun and pinch-me-for-not-wearing-green thing.

I just don't think that Leprechauns and pinching are a reflective way to celebrate snake removal.

Adding to that,

St. Patrick's Day also stinks because there are some moms out there who are letting Leprechauns in their house!

I told Emma that I don't let treat-bearing, house-messing, green-food-color-armed Leprechauns in my house.

She cried, and cried and


I have just completed writing a note to the Leprechauns and leaving it on my door.

I told them if they were nice, they could visit next year.

Emma stopped crying.

Since when did bargaining with imaginary Leprechauns become my life? 

I have to let St. Claus in, the tooth fairy, the Easter Bunny and now Leprechauns?

I just don't like holidays this much!


Camcorder said...

I'm totally with you on this one. I remember St. Patrick's Day with the wearing of the green and pinching if your Mom wasn't on top of things and reminded you to wear the color of the Irish. Now I hear about it for weeks before hand and have to decide tonight if I want to answer that letter Gabby left out for the little critters and risk perpetuating the situation OR just forget about it and wait for the disappointment in the morning. I'm leaning towards teaching her a lesson in dealing with let downs. Argh.

kellieanne said...

Okay . . . so I guess Carson was logged in on my computer. That last comment was from me. And I still feel the same.

Jake said...

I have never heard of the whole "messing up the house-turning over chair" thing until this year (when it happened in my son's second grade class). Where have I been living for the last 30+ (well +++++++ actualy) years?
But I must admit we have NEVER had to eat corned beef and cabbage, though we do ingest a bit of green food coloring each year, this year in the form of homemade green bread. But I'm with you. We don't make traps, we don't sprinkle green glittery footprints around the house, and if we were to not do anything, I think we would survive. Although green is still my favorite color.

AND--have you seen my poster at Walker's? They gave me $100 gift card to give away to anyone who takes their picture with my sign, posts it on facebook, and "likes" their Freedom Rewards page. $100! Do you know how many diet Cokes that is? ;)

Sean and Janet Eyring said...

Dang! I have the same problem as Kellie! I was logged in as my imaginary wanna-be novel writing friend, Jake. But it was really me, Sean (Mr. Eyring!)

Shauna said...

I'm with you. If it helps Emma, you can share with her that the leprechauns _won't_ even come to our place.

Kr!sty said...

I'm sorry for loving the Leprechauns!!! ;) I feel like a crapper of a mom, more days than not, and if playing stupid little Leprechaun games makes my children happy & creates fun memories...I'll do it! Maybe it'll erase the scars in their minds from my YELLING!

And Wendy, it does not make me a GOOD MOM by doing this. It just makes me laugh at how much fun they have! And I love you more than Leprechaun's. Just sayin'

Jacquie said...

My kids didn't even wear green. I remembered about lunch time so I added beads to my outfit and that was all I had to offer the holiday!

Mel said...

This is still cracking me up!!! Can't wait to see what happens next year. ;)