Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dear BYU,

Dear BYU,

I love you.

I love that you have an Honor Code.

I love that you are standing up for the Honor Code and what it means.

But I'm heart-broken!

I'm now eating a tub of ice cream.

I will still watch you on Saturday,

Please don't make me eat more ice cream then.




Jessica Waite said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Shauna said...


Only, I talked myself out of the ice cream, just to hurt myself more. But don't kid yourself--I nealr drove though at the Turtle. Here's crossing my fingers for Saturday's game.

Blogged about this today too--not the loss so much as the Code, the HONOR Code. (See how James Bond-ish that sounds?!)

Jaime said...

It makes me so sad and sick when I think about it. Snickers only takes away so much of the pain...

Jacquie said...

Such a sad event, it is a perfect example of how our choices do infact impact others. I feel so awful for Davies I sure wouldn't want all my sins evaluated and guessed by an entire nation. I like keeping those to myself.

Erica-Rose said...

I just stumbled across your blog accidentally. I feel your pain. I picked up the doritos instead and just as i was feeling guilty about the indulgence I dropped the ENTIRE bag on the floor. LOL all the chips spilled out onto the carpet. Moral of the story? I leaned not to eat my emotions. haha.