Monday, June 13, 2011


In honor of Relief Society:

Frankly this word has seriously stumped me this week.  Having it come up as the word of the day seemed deceptively easy.

E is for Ewwww!
Ethan was deceptive about what his underclothing was today.  He chose to wear his swim jammer all day today instead of underwear.  Seriously, Ewww!

C is for CANDY
I've been eating a bazillion Giant SweeTarts this week.  They make me all sweaty when I eat them.  The Tart part is deceptively stronger than the Sweet part, which you'd expect in candy.  But man I LOVE the purple ones!

E is for ENGRY (or angry)
This past week I was accused of being a deceptive person.  The accuser let my son know she was upset with me and asked him to convey the message.   I admit this made me angry.   Ah, the joys of volunteering your time to help people!

P is for PEOPLE
I'm specifically speaking of people who sneak into random wards and share their LONG testimonies in a deceptively 'religious' husky voice.  I'm on to you!  I actually can tell when you are speaking from your heart vs your psycho mind!

T is for TIME
Thinking that you will eventually have Time to do anything you want and actually finish your To-Do list is deceptive!!

I is for  ICE CREAM.  

Those little Ben N' Jerry's that cost $1 at Walmart and come with the little spoon have 240 calories.  That's completely deceptive -- small container should be small calories! 

One of my Vincent boys thought I was being deceptive when I told him NOT to put his suit in the washing machine.  Luckily he only washed the pants (because he had put a cookie in his pocket).  I'm now wondering what I do about that. . . .  other than yell at the Vincent boy (Josh).

My good entertainment for the week was reading Brandon Mull's Beyonders.  I really do enjoy Brandon Mull's writing.  He is very talented and the style of book is great for me.  I really hate having to wait for sequels though.  And there was a really great quote in the book about Deception.  But it was deceptively hard to find, even though I thought I'd remember the page number I saw it on.  


Shauna said...

Love it...well, except the "E for angry" bit. But I completely back you up on that one. Just sayin.

Oh, and this music...makes me feel like I need a massage. Is it spa music?! So relaxzingzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Harmony said...

I think that same "people" who snuck into your sacrament meeting hit ours too. Didn't say anything that I thought was inaccurate, but it was amazing how fast I got squirmingly uncomfortable. Made me want to go set up the chairs in the Primary room early, but the other ward was still in there. :-)

Kr!sty said...

Oh geeze, I could not stop laughing at the 'P' comment. SERIOUSLY?! Come on lady, as if we won't know that you do not belong with us. I mean really?! And to think she "crashed" other wards as well...what a psycho.