Friday, June 24, 2011


I admit it!  

I was avaricious this week.

Jeff took the boat to Lake Powell and I had HIGH hopes that someone would buy it.

Which would fulfill my need to get MONEY!

I've had boats sitting around this place for so long, 

And money flowing from our pockets, 

And limited space along the side of our house!

So I was completely avaricious to think of putting an end to the outflow of money!

But after looking at these photos I really just want to go boating . . . . 


Anonymous said...

woh amazing images any one can tell me lovely places Where is this place

live satellite

just waite said...

If I had the money Wendy I would buy your boat but I don't so as for now I can just daydream about going to Lake Powell.

Mom said...

I don't care about avaricious -- just take me to Powell.