Friday, July 8, 2011



Cotton batting
Running Shirt
Iron Ons
Running Skirt
Muddy 4 Mile Obstacle Course
3 Runninng Buddies


The Cotton Rockettes running in the "Kiss Me Dirty" Race

Thanks to Jaime, we were rockin' celebs in our costumes.  We had people laughing and wanting to take our photos.  One group of people watched us walk by and we heard one ask her friends if we were chefs.  Her friend said, "Those aren't chefs . . . . "  

Another little girl asked her daddy what we were, he took a second look and just started laughing.  Poor girl won't find out what we were from him and probably not for another 10 years from anyone.

We ran over hay bales, through tires, over a climbing wall, under an army crawl, down a COLD river and through tubes.  It was really hard coming off of no sleep at girls camp, but it was fun!

And my awesome family surprised me by getting up early and coming to watch us.  I'll have to add a photo later of me and Josh and Ethan.  Not sure how those boys felt watching their muddy mom dressed up like a tampon. .  ..   Ha!  So funny!


Peggy Eddleman said...

That is so beyond awesome-- I don't even have words.

Shauna said...

I second Peggy's comment. You girls look great! No wonder you were RockStars!

Melanee said...

My cousins all ran it (they were the yellow and black bee like people) and yes, they have a picture of you guys. You were their favorite costume! Way to go!!