Sunday, July 3, 2011


Whoop!  My week of crazy is OVER!

I have survived girls camp, 

And so did all of the girls!

At this point:

Chieko is tired of telling me that the girls and leaders Don't Get Me.

My back is completely out of whack from sleeping on the ground.

I've framed my camp award for having a potty mouth (big oops!).

I owe Ted something HUGE for cooking a great dutch oven dinner for everyone on Thursday night.

I'm trying to get over how the big spiritual moment of camp is directly related to me being unprepared.

And I've started therapy to deal with Jeslie's Whoofy.

Sounds like a successful camp, eh?  We really whooped it up!


Jaime said...

Last week our YW president bore her testimony and talked about Girl's Camp. I had to chuckle as she began, "We thought we were well-prepared. But things just came up..."

kellieanne said...

Great times! It was a vacation for me! I got to enjoy the girls, the outdoors and learned a few things. Good to see you there!