Friday, November 6, 2009

Gratitude 1 of 7

Well, Miss Shauna over on her Celestial Circle blog is showing her gratitude each day this month.

I have been moved and motivated enough to share my gratitude each day for the next week.

At this point in my life blogging 7 days in a row is landmark!

I'd never make it for 30 days.


Gratitude #1

Halloween is OVER!

It's just not my favorite holiday.

Getting tossed into the middle of costume prep time on Hallow's Eve didn't suit me either.

Especially after spending the weekend with 55 teenagers in Cedar City.

However, kudos to Melanie and Ethan for putting together his Swine Flu costume and including Aidan. I'm very happy about that.

(Emma, the Rockstar, and her friend Tia, the Ghost)

Gratitude to Jeff who took them Trick or Treating while I cleaned the house.

(Swine Flu boys - Ethan and Aidan)


Gratitude #2


Try going a week without one and this will be towards the top of your list too.


Gratitude #3

A husband who stores computer hard drives in the storage room and can magically copy my dying hard drive stuff to the new one.

Also, gratitude for hard drives that still work when computer handicapped wife installs the hard drive herself and manages to drop it on the floor.

Can you imagine my gratitude when my email and Bejewelled game were useable again?


Kr!sty said...

I CAN imagine a week without a dishwasher. I went 21 years without one. I still wash a lot of dishes by hand, but I WOULD NOT want to be without one now! I am grateful I know you. :)

Sherry said...

The "swine flu germs" were hilarious. Ethan even sneezed on me at the parade (fake sneeze of course).