Monday, November 9, 2009

Gratitude 4 of 7

And so the list continues:

Gratitude #1 - Microsoft Word

I've been typing my little fingers out like crazy today as I write new grant applications and grant evaluation forms for my PGAC meeting on Friday. The thought of using a typewriter for any of this makes me cringe.

And to think my children have never seen a typewriter . . . .

Gratitude #2 - House

House is on tonight! Did you see last week's when they went to do an autopsy on the body and they started sawing his chest open and he started bleeding? And then the 'dead' man sat up screaming? I'm still not over it.

Gratitude #3 - Microwaves

I'm grateful that microwaves work to hide the leftover birthday cake so that SOME of it remains for Jeff to eat tonight. Now if only the microwave disappeared after I hid something in it . . . .

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Nik said...

I was in an office yesterday where the sweet old lady who works there still uses a typewriter! Not a computer in a sight! Hilarious!!!!