Friday, November 13, 2009

Gratitude 7 of 7

Wow! I've got a lot to be thankful for today ~

Gratitude #1 - Survival Skillz

Yup, I've got Survival Skillz! When I went all "Biggest Loser" last night and tried to hop up onto a bench at the gym proving my strength -- and then fell off . . . but I Survived!

My hand is bruised, my butt and my head (where I banged it on the wall as I fell). Not to mention my pride is really tender today too.

Don't mock those players on Biggest Loser who can't jump on the step . . . it's freakin' hard and dangerous!

Gratitude #2 - Melanie

Everyone needs someone who will babysit your vomiting child while you go to meetings. Thanks Mel, for helping me out.

She even cleaned my sheets and remade my bed after Emma threw up on them. How awesome is she?!

Gratitude #3 - Stacy Martineau

Stacy saved my bacon today doing stuff for the Arts Commission. She has been so reliable in helping me and I think people don't realize how much she does, and how calmly she does it. Stacy holds me together and listens to my rantings. She's also an amazing mother!

Gratitude #4 - Ethan's Science Teacher

Thanks, Mr. Whoever You Are. Thanks for not giving Ethan the "F" he deserved in science and giving him extra credit at the VERY last minute so he can have a "C". Now instead of tossing him in the dungeon he will be my work slave for the next week. Also, I have unlimited zit popping rights now. Sweet!

I love November and Gratitude!

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Miss Mel said...

I'm grateful for YOU-- your survival skillz too! Not to mention, your commitment to do hard things--and not just jumping up onto slick wooden benches ;)