Wednesday, February 17, 2010

St. George

I think the only way I make it through til spring is because we take a trip to St. George each February.

It's an early anniversary celebration.

We stayed in at an awesome resort this year, where we woke up to this view every morning at 10am!

And we sunbathed in the 60 degree weather here, and in the car - with the windows down, and dining outside, and walking in HUGE homes.

Not the homes of strangers, but for the Parade of Homes.  I think we could've taken up residence in one of the homes and no one would ever of found us.  The master bedroom is LARGER than the top floor of our house.   I think my two pairs of levis and flip flops would've looked too lonely in the walk-in closet the size of my kitchen -- so we didn't plunk down the 3million to buy it. 

It was a LOVELY weekend!


Leslie said...

So glad you got to go this year... Looks like a relaxing weekend... Hope you are "easing" back into reality!!

Kr!sty said...

and a deserved one at that!