Monday, September 27, 2010

Reflections on Sunday

I think it'd be good to Reflect upon my Sunday each Monday morning.

It'll be my personal challenge to try and remember what I learned (ha ha).

Here's my thoughts from yesterday:

#1  WHY?  WHY! Did it have to be my daughter's underwear that showed during the Primary Program?  You know at least one kid will lift their dress over their head and show their underwear . . . but why Emma?  (Okay, it wasn't over her head, but apparently I need to teach her about crossing her legs)

#2  Who Knew!!  There's treats in Relief Society.  I've gone several times now, and I keep getting something to eat in there.  It's freakin' magical!  I've had chocolate twice and yesterday I had cookies.  The church is definitely true!

#3  I'm not having more children.  Okay, this is not really news, but I sat next to a mom in Relief Society who had to entertain her baby the whole time.  I was exhausted just watching her!  I watched her get spit up crackers in her hand, I watched her get pushed by a sleepy little baby, I watched her picking up toys, diapers, treats.  For the love!  I'm so over that.

(I'm so over it that I held the baby, made faces at her, and kissed her hand - repeatedly)


Jacquie said...

I didn't even see you in relief society. Seriously the treats are a new thing to me, I always thought I needed to bring my own! As for Emma where was I? I didn't get to "see" her underwear debut.

Jennifer D. said...

Wendy you make me laugh! That's the way the teacher gets you to like them! My favorite teacher in Indiana did that. Plus isn't everyone low blood sugar by then. You must have missed my other 2 lessons. I've tried to have a different kind each time.

I too didn't see Emma. Maybe no one noticed!