Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall into TV

My calendar is usually chock-full of MUST Watch TV at this time of year.

But I've cut back to only 3 this time around.

And they are:

Biggest Loser


Amazing Race

Sadly, out of all the available time slots, they had to put Biggest Loser and Glee on at the same time!  Why, Why does no one consult me anymore?  Did someone miss the memo that I am the center of the universe?

Regardless, I'm looking forward to Melanie making THIS delicious cake for dessert while I watch Amazing Race tonight.

And you can see why I love Glee! so much by watching this great Sue Sylvester commercial.  Heaven help me!  I think Sue is hysterical.  And I am NOT endorsing this particular tv show to everyone --

1 comment:

tammy said...

You should totally endorse this show to everyone specifically because of Sue. And Kurt. Oh, and Brittany....

let me know how the cake goes.