Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Favorite Form of Torture

Josh came home from school yesterday and DID NOT do what he was suppose to.

He went and played StarCraft 2 instead of homework.

I imposed one of my favorite punishments. . . .

Essay Writing!

Here's what he came up with in the 20 minutes I gave him

(He only had 20 minutes because he had to do homework, chores and moan that he was grounded from the computer).

Dear Mom

I am so very sorry for making the poor decision of playing Starcraft Two instead of doing my jobs like making my bed, doing laundry or cleaning my bathroom. I also could have been doing my Pre-Calculus Homework for Math class or reading a Chapter for Computer Programming. I could have even been studying my Spanish notes so that I would do better in class or started to sell those amazingly delicious, overprice, creamy ice-cream filled cakes from Cold Stone ® and using that wonderful form that you spent much time working on that nobody noticed how much time you actually spent doing. I would like to take this time to tell you how much I appreciate the work that you do for the Swim Team and I. I am sorry for not doing all these crucial things in my life and now know that I made a really bad decision In playing my computer game instead.

Mom, I love you so much and would like to tell you that I love you and appreciate that you remind me to do my homework and jobs before playing my freaking awesome computer games. I know that sometimes I do not like it but in the long run it can help me a ton to know to do the more important things first in life.

Mom, you have taught me many great lessons in life and I would like to thank you at this time. I am kind of grateful for the lectures and lessons which you have brought into this home and learn from these things which you teach me and the rest of this family. I have learned not to hop in to a jeep with some other guys to do donuts. I am sorry for getting in Brayden’s car and getting donuts at Macey’s. There are too many other lessons that have learned so much from that I cannot name another plus I am almost to the bottom of the page.

Mom, I love you. I would like to mow the lawn, do all of my homework, sell some cakes, and let you pop some of my zits. From, Josh.


Island mama said...

Oh, he's got the sucking up down to a tee! Good job, Mom! You've trained him well.

Jacquie said...

Pop some zits!!! Wow! I needed a good laugh, he is well on his way to perfection.

kimpg3 said...

Talk about "Nurturing the Rising Generation" ... I see my VT lesson is sinking in. Josh is awesome!

Jewels and Ry said...

That is awesome! Thanks for the laugh. I can soooo relate.

Leslie said...

Wendy, would it be ok if I sent Justin to live at your house for as long as it takes for him to become such an essay writer?? He needs you!!!

Shauna said...

I should have thought of doing this too....as Jill was no doubt online playing Starcraft with Josh and Spencer M...but I did not. Dangit. Another wasted teaching moment.

Kr!sty said...

whew! What a champion essay writer. Full of sustenance, sass and knowledge. LOVE IT!