Thursday, September 23, 2010


So, after letting the appraiser come and wander around my home yesterday I thought I better take a closer look at what he was seeing.

Here's my appraisal of what's going on around here:

1.  Scratch the WELCOME mat and just put out the POISON.

Nothing says "Welcome to the Vincent's" like a little Roundup.  Yes, it's still sitting on my front porch now.  I think it sends a nice bold statement.  I figure this added more of a 'feeling' to the appraisal than an actual dollar amount.  Although, Roundup is freakin' expensive.

2.  Loads of Love? or Pile of Pain?

The value of a master bedroom is in the size, don't ya think?  I really wanted the appraiser to see how large this room is.  The master bedroom is large enough to contain the fundamental bedroom pieces as well as an ironing board with a fat ton of laundry.  I think it also adds and element of 'warmth' to see the clothes piled like that.  Certainly should add to the value of this home!

3.  Lunch Chic

The appraiser came at lunch -- he was able to witness the orderliness of our home and how we like to label our food.  Either that or he thinks we own a cow named Josh.  Or that we have a sick sense of humor.  Bet he didn't guess that we were trying to chug that milk down for lunch so Josh could have a water bottle at swim team.  I DO own real water bottles!  Josh is just going through a weird phase. Regardless, the individualized milk jugs must add to the value of this home!

4.  Personal Pool

Just had to point out to the appraiser that we have our own personal pool.  Figured if he just saw all that swim gear he'd know that we have a pool here.  And you know that a pool is worth a MINT. 

*mental note: check the boys tub more often*

Well, that's about all I could bare for running around and checking up on what the appraiser saw.  I've kindly left out the photo of my artistic deck.  You know, the one with the funky, fun angles. . . Makes you think that it's tipping over, but really it's an expensive work of art that's "attached" to the house.  That's gotta make this house with something!

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