Wednesday, February 16, 2011


My life is a cycle of Ranting - Assessment - Guilt - Retreat - Ranting - Assessment - Guilt . . . .

You get the point.

I've just Ranted.

Now I'm taking an Assessment of the situation AND feeling guilt.

I have thought alot about the PTA stuff. 

And the truth is that I have been asked to do stuff and didn't follow through with it.

For example:

1.  I quit going to School Community Council at the Jr High because the ladies didn't like me . . .(pathetic)

2.  I didn't follow through with Reflections this year when I felt that I'd be overshadowed by some people . . . (pathetic again)

3.  And I think I dropped the ball on serving on the School Community Council at the High School (I will try to see if this is really the situation)

Anyway, just thought I'd confess my sins here on the old blog -- Facebook seemed too public (ha ha)

Now for retreating . . . . .

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