Monday, February 21, 2011

R & R

Nothing like a little Rest and Relaxation to put yourself back together.

Jeff and I spent a weekend in St. George.

This is our annual trip to see the Home Show and take in some sunshine.

We started this tradition by going with our good friends,

But time and life get in the way and we go alone now,

But it's still good.

It's  become our way of celebrating our anniversary now.

So, happy anniversary Jeff! 

It's been an eventful 21 years, and I'm happy to have been on the journey with you!


Jacquie said...

Still happy with the remodel??? Those home shows always depress me I think why didn't we do this or that when its too late! Glad you had a good time and more importantly that you still like Jeff. Congrats on the 21 years WOW!

Leslie said...

Happy Anniversary...We miss St. George...but most of all hanging with great friends!! Maybe next year?!