Sunday, February 6, 2011


Emma talks, non-stop

about getting married.

She's currently in a snit because another boy

likes a girl in her class

and they're going to get married.

Reminder:  Emma is SIX!!

But for as much as she talks about getting married and moving out,

(Seriously, she's SIX!)

She has cried TWICE this last week about missing me when she moves out.

She cried once during Mamma Mia (when Sophie gets ready to be married)

And Emma cried again during Open Season (where the bear has to leave his human mommy for the summer).

I was touched that she'd miss me and get all sentimental.

And then I FREAKED out again

Because she's only SIX!

Mom, please tell me I wasn't like this at SIX . . . .

And tell me that Emma's mind-set is not going to ruin her life.



kellieanne said...

One word - girl. Boys don't get wound up about things that far in the future. They live too much in the here and now. I would say it's cute, but my girls both do it and my non emotional personality gets real uncomfortable with it. Boys have been so much easier on my brain.

Jessica Stier said...

That's so sweet!!! Well, the whole missing you when she moves out part. The getting married part is pretty cute. At least she's got the steps in order; first get married, then live with the boy. :)
My boys talk about getting married and being a daddy but it is only once in a while.